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NCCA has made it easy and affordable to join the Internet.
Association Member Captain Sandra Lyn Kelting is still offering a Affordable Web Site design to all members.
(Current Price of a Basic Website designed by KaSondera $675.)  Member Discount $100 off.  YOUR Member cost Just $575
(Transfer an old site to the edit your self program and hosting $575)
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We offer members all the same features we enjoy in our own Web site.

Edit your Web site online yourself.
This powerful new technology makes it possible to keep your Web site up-to-date, accurate and interesting. Its easy to do... any time of the day, night or week... from home or office, you can login, make a few changes and presto your changes are live for everyone to see.
Included with your first content page are additional features that provide you with an affordable, complete Web site.
Your Web Site Hosting Service
Your own domain name
An interactive chart page
A weather and tides page
An interactive maps and directions page
A contact us page
A one time listing with all major search engines

Your Web site will include all these features and will cost you as little as $29.95 / month.That's $359.40 a year.

Keep in mind this is a basic site that you can edit yourself or have it done for you by Captain Sandra Lyn Kelting at a minimal cost.

More elaborate sites do cost more but you can get started with just $29.95 / month.
As you can see, our price can make your Web site cost effective.
Can you afford to run your business with out a the ability to reach people who use the internet as their yellow pages?
Simple but powerful (password protected) online editing features


•  Display or change your company logo
•  Display your pictures
•  Choose different background colors & textures
•  Change or add bullets
•  Link to other Web sites
•  Change or add bold headings
•  Change or add paragraphs of text
•  Change your business hours
•  Add holiday specials
•  Provide discount coupons
•  Change or add phone numbers
•  5 E-mail address
•  Maps and directions to your business

For demonstration, check out

Search engines
You can submit your domain name to all the various search engines to look at your title, key words and description (meta tags) located in the hidden header of your Web site. This will help people find you if they are using a search engine.



Need help getting started
If you would like to do your own design Sandra will help you get your Web site started. She will help you choose your colors, pictures and art presentation and guide you with your content. Once your page is designed, it is easy and free to keep up-to-date online yourself. To get started with your interactive Web site, click on this link. Contact your designer

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