This is a final reminder to get you checks in to me or your name will be removed from our website listing and you will not have a discount at West Marine.... I need them before March 1st. If you send them to me after you will miss the cut off for the West Marine Discount Card but your info will be back on the website. My season is about to start and after March things get way to busy for me to chase you down. If you are not planning on returning please respond to this email notifying me of your intent. My info is below.

Thank you!


On January 26, 2018 at 1:09 PM johnt_parkhurst@comcast.net wrote:


   I hope this finds you all in good health and someplace warm! If you plan on returning as a member or associate member please send me your dues.


$60 Full Member

$25 Associate Full Member


Check Payable: N.C.C.A

Mail to:

John Parkhurst

21 Roy Drive

Hudson, NH 03051


Some of you have given me your checks and I am waiting for the alcohol test kits to come in so don't think I forgot you.

Please review the application attached and update me with any new info... example: any updated coast guard licenses, if you need a window decal, and how many test kits you will need, etc

Do me a favor and please send your info and check to me ASAP.... I don't want to have be doing this in the spring. Also, if you need the West Marine / Port Supply discount you want to get this to me before March. (See attached excel sheet... if your name is not on it and you want the discount please send the application back asap. If it is on the excel sheet and you pay your dues....you are all set. No need to resend the application.)

When you get a "thank you renewal" letter from me you are in good standing.

We are always looking for new members so please spread the word and the associate membership is a great opportunity for any mates or friends you have on your boat to network!

Again, please send your info to me quickly and make this task easier on me. My goal is to have everyone paid by March 1st!

Thank you!

Capt. John Parkhurst

Cell: 781-858-0219

Questions: Feel free to call, text, or email.

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